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    Select your local number

    Choose a number from the list of access numbers that is closest to you.

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    Record a voice introduction

    Record a brief introduction, describing yourself and what you're looking for.

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    Start browsing guys online

    Start listening to intros of other guys. Send messages or connect live!


Why call a phone service when you can just use popular mobile apps?

Phone chat was around long before mobile apps and is still going strong. It's a safe & anonymous way to chat with other guys online. It's really easy to get online and you control who you speak to at all times.


Voice Messages

Listen to the intro messages of other guys online. Send them recorded voice messages and listen to their replies.


Connect Live

If you find someone interesting and have been interacting with them via voice messages, you can request to connect in a live conversation. You are connected live if the other guy accepts.


Safe & Anonymous

All live connections and messages are handled through our system so your personal details are always kept private. We have monitors regularly checking the system to ensure that all users comply with our Chatroom guidelines.

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About Us

The Fastmeet Gay Chatline is an Australian based service that has been running for over 15 years, providing an anonymous, safe and fast way to meet other like-minded guys.

Every day we have hundreds of guys calling our service, looking for a hot phone chat or wanting to hookup with guys in their local area.

We have a huge mix of callers including Gay, Bi/Bi-Curious, Straight and even Married guys so you'll definitely find someone to get you off here!

We've put a lot of effort into making our service fast and easy to use.

The service has always had a strong Sydney caller base but we're also available in all other Australian states with a range of local access numbers for you to call.

If you're calling from inter-state and there's no-one from your local area online, don't worry, you can always choose to talk to guys from all over Australia.

We also have international numbers if you're overseas

We're always happy to hear from our customers, so if you have any questions or even suggestions please send an email to or call our 24x7 Customer Service number 1300 484 506.


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